Goat Soap 6 packs (6x100g)


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Product Description

Made with pure Goat’s milk and sweet almond oil, our Goat Soap bars are suitable for dry, itchy or sensitive skin.

The Goat Soap is made from fresh goats milk and contains natural milk proteins, amino acids and vitamins (A, C and E).
The Goat Soap's gentle creaminess naturally hydrates dry, itchy or sensitive skin - leaving it feeling soft, smooth and moisturized.

Australian Made and Owned.

- Suitable for dry, itchy, acne prone and sensitive skin
- Suitable for skin conditons such as Eczema, Dermatitis, Rashes that cause dry and irritated skin
- Made from natural ingredients, no petrochemicals, artificial colours, parabens, sodium laury sulfate or sodium laureth sulfate added.

Goats milk has been used as a natural ingredient in skin care products for centuries. It has a pH level very close to skin ensuring you keep hydration in and toxins and bacteria out. When your skin is either too acidic or too alkaline, problems such as dryness, inflammation, acne, itching or irritation may occur.

Goats milk naturally contains lactic acid that may assist in to breakdown of dead skin cells, is packed with vitamins, essential fatty acids and amino acids.

6 packs of goat milk soap with variety of interesting flavours and contents that are sure to nourish your skin. Perfect for gifts and trying out all the flavours:
- Goat Soap Original 100g
- Goat Soap with Coconut Oil 100g
- Goat Soap with Argan Oil 100g
- Goat Soap with Manuka Honey 100g
- Goat Soap with Oatmeal 100g
- Goat Soap with Lemon Myrtle 100g